Unstable raw material is disturbing the process lowering time efficiency, quality and runnability. Simple solutions for stabile process and higher Overall Equipment Efficiency managed and followed up by Santapro.

Optimization and training

Santapro has experiences for process audits and optimizations of hundreds of process lines in Europe Russia and Asia. Goals have been overall equipment efficiency improvement, reduction of fiber loss-, energy- and water in the process without investments. Process Training for operators to learn most economical and stabile way to control the process.

Process Engineering, Design and Sizing

Practical process engineering is available in its entire level including instrumentation engineering, interlocking and sequences. Designing the complete process and sizing its equipment, instrumentation, field control instruments, piping, pumps etc. guarantees, the process to be cost and quality effective production line with an easy and smooth control operation.

Project management

35 years experiences in pulp mill and paper mill projects all over the world. Project management expertise covers every step in the projects, from the beginning to the end starting from project’s feasibility studies through the procurement to the erection supervision, start-up and final production. Deep understanding of process applications, cost- and ROI-calculations guarantees well budgeted and properly designed processes. Experiences as a project management in both sides - supplier and purchaser – gives a wide practical understanding of the needs and necessities of the both players.